Entrepreneur Development

How to identify, motivate and strengthen the new breed of entrepreneurs require different programmes, policies, strategies and a sound support of the financial and non-financial institutions. This will ultimately help them in facing the risks and uncertainties and to set-up new business ventures. Entrepreneurial development is also meant to make contributions towards individual growth as a part of a national drive for HRD (Human Resource Development). A class of entrepreneurs is must for the economic and industrial development of country. To some extent entrepreneurs are born but not totally. Those who have decided to become entrepreneurs must have basic understanding, visionary power, sense of value, risk-taking capacity, innovative nature etc. as basic qualities. But now-a-days one can be developed as per his/her requirement. They can be motivated and developed to undertake the entrepreneurial activities. Someone has rightly said that, “Self-development is the best development”. There are so many means, facilities, supportive institutions, tools, etc. that can be used to motivate and develop entrepreneurs.

To create an idea for business, to develop and assess the idea accordingly, to collect the information of idea, to start the business, to organize and manage it and to take decisions for all these and to bear risk and to remain creative and innovative, etc. are the functions/ activities of the present day entrepreneurs. To do these entire one has to develop the so-called person.