Career Guidance Program

Life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the life time. At the schooling stage, life planning education plays a significant role in fostering students’ self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting, reflective habits of mind and articulation to progression pathways. Hence, life planning education is not merely a remedial or advisory service for students when they are in need of making subject or career choice. It connects with school’s curriculum components, and through it students are equipped with the 4 knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations; and guided to integrate their career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning

In face of the unprecedented pace of changes worldwide with the advent of information technology and explosive growth of knowledge, our education system aims to develop students’ knowledge, adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities so that they can be better prepared to make informed and responsible choices and thus be able to make the best of the opportunities ahead.