Business Listings

Online Business Directories & Map Listings Management

Business listings and directories play a crucial role in having a competitive and successful digital presence for your business and its location. Business listings and directories position your business information within consumer marketplaces so you can be found for services and products you offer. Consumers search across several different online channels for services, products, restaurants, and many other local business offerings. Having your business information displayed within business listings, directories, apps, maps, social networks, and search engines provide your business the ability to be in front of new and potential customers searching for what you offer. In addition, business listings and directories improve your online credibility and increase your digital relevance within search engines

Sukhoi’s Business Listings & Google My Business Solution

Whether you have one location or multiple locations, Sukhoi will get your business and its locations submitted and optimized in over 80+ of the most prominent business listings, directories, apps, maps, GPS platforms, social networks, and search engines. We ensure your business information is both accurate and consistent across all business directories, allowing your business and its locations to be found by consumers searching in these multiple marketplaces for your services and products. This gives your business the opportunity to win new customers, grow your business, and increase your digital presence, while building your online credibility.

Sukhoi’s Business Listings & Google My Business Reporting

Sukhoi in real-time reporting platform and intelligence engine allows our clients to access their performance data and results at any time. Our reporting platform delivers your performance on 65+ business directories and listings, including listing impressions, profile views, and listing status. We also provide separate reporting for your Google My Business page, including views in search, views in maps, website clicks, phone calls, and requested driving directions. Our digital team also provides our clients with a monthly summary report via email. If your business has multiple locations, we provide reporting within one convenient dashboard for all your locations business listings and Google My Business pages, while also delivering monthly summary reports